Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hunter and The Hunted

Mar here. Not one to typically wear a lot of jewelry, I stumbled across this collection from Digby & Iona a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since. Depicting hunters, guns, and mounted heads of moose in every format from delicate necklaces to bulky statement making rings, this collection of jewelry suceeds in being both morbid and beautiful. (How perfect is that?)
So far I've seen only some of their rings and a necklace at The Block, and it doesn't look like Digby & Iona have an online store. So until these mounted creatures are made a little more accesible, they`ll have to be admired from afar.


Sassy said...

pretty cool.

MOLLY GRAY said...


discothequechic said...

pffft, no website? This is 2007!! I don't understand why companies do this..

looks promising though; beautiful and morbid? The perfect formula, surely.


digby said...

HI Guys

Most of my work can be ordered online from or contact me directly through my site.

Thanks for the kind words!

Aaron AKA Digby