Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ugly Is Beautiful

Mar here. I've realized that the term vintage has changed drastically within the last few years, and the '80's are now being lumped into the category. And, like any decade, along comes the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, I'm not one to turn down something labeled ugly and have started buying giant horrid sweaters. Watch out for me, because I'm on the lookout for huge prints, a baggy length, and maybe a winged sleeve or embellishment here or there. Haha, just listening to me write about these things makes me laugh to myself. I remember when my grandma had these! Note to self: I must rade her closet soon. Won't you join me? Let's embrace the ugly within us all.


alysha mccarthy said...

im burnin up for you and thats a fact!! (bringin' ugly back)

The Attire said...

beats sexy.
sexy? i can't pull off sexy.
ugly? i got it down pat.

MR style said...

what a lovely post title ! i would love to see that on the cover of vogue or I-D
sounds philosophical !!