Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tiny Tim Has An Early Christmas

Mar here. As an avid thrift store shopper I come across tons of amazing vintage shoes all the time. However, as a girl with large size 9ers, I`ve learned that finding shoes my size is quite the task and restrain from excitement in the shoe section. Today however, my friend Tamara aka Timmy and I went to the Sally Anne, and I had a reason to get excited. She has size 7 shoes! So what did I do, you ask. I lived through her and persuaded her in buying my favs. Yes! Love the brown booties.


Anonymous said...

i just love shoes.
more picture of shoes, please.

lalaliu said...

I know how you feel..I have size 9 feet too!! It sucks to pass by all those lovely shoes I see in thrift stores...but then it makes those times when you do find something super exciting!